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Busy Family

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Busy moms and dads, families with latch-key children, pre-teens learning to cook, and people with disabilities can be at risk of unattended cooking accidents.

CookStop was designed with safety in mind. Using of the stove can be limited to specific times of the day or require a secure key. If one becomes preoccupied while cooking CookStop will automatically turn the stove OFF.

CookStop helps prevent unattended cooking fires. Although there are many different settings that can be implemented, CookStop is effective immediately upon installation.

Help keep your family safe with CookStop!

  1. CookStop continuously checks for movement in the kitchen.

  2. If the person leaves the room or falls asleep while cooking, CookStop shuts the stove off.

  3. While CookStop can be configured for many different levels of security, it is functional upon installation, immediately reducing the chances of an accident.

The leader in kitchen fire prevention

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Stovetop Fire Prevention