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Managers, Administrators, Maintenance and Facilities Directors all share the common concern of unattended cooking fires. In a multi-family facility, a single person's accidental negligence can endanger many other lives, not to mention incur significant costs.  Frequently, the maintenance personnel are the ones who know from experience just who may be at risk. 

"More than once I've smelled something burning as I walk past this part of the building." 

"Clarence has come close more than once to burning the place down."

"We were fortunate this time that it was only a smoke-out, but all of the residents had to be evacuated to the sidewalk while the fire department cleared the danger."

Not only is there risk from an outright fire spreading to adjoining apartments, but the water damage from sprinklers can add up fast; running down from floor to floor to floor. The disruption to other tenants can last for months. They must move while their units are recarpeted due water damage or repainted due to smoke damage. Brand recognition suffers, too. 

"They've had 3 fires here just in the last year."

CookStop was designed with multi-family facilities in mind. Administrators can implement cooking permissions for different levels of attention spans. These permissions can only be changed with a secure key.

CookStop can prevent unattended cooking fires.

  1. CookStop continuously checks for movement in the kitchen.

  2. If the person leaves the room or falls asleep while cooking, CookStop shuts the stove off.

  3. While CookStop can be configured for many different levels of security, it is functional upon installation; immediately reducing the chances of an accident.

The leader in kitchen fire prevention

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