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It's no surprise that as people grow older they want to continue living in their own homes as long as possible. The natural process of aging tends to have an impact on one’s ability to perform the simple activities of daily living.  Gradual degradations in hearing, sight, smell, and the perception of time all come to bear on living independently; especially without the assistance from others.

All too frequently, the deciding factor to move a loved one into an assisted care facility is brought on by unattended cooking accidents.

"That's the second pot he's burned this month."

"They were lucky it was only smoke damage."

CookStop can help prevent unattended cooking fires, allowing people to stay longer and safer in their own homes. CookStop addresses common situations as well as specific needs.

  1. CookStop continuously checks for movement in the kitchen.

  2. If the person leaves the room or falls asleep while cooking, CookStop shuts the stove off.

  3. While CookStop can be configured for many different levels of security, it is functional upon installation, immediately reducing the chances of an accident.

The leader in kitchen fire prevention

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